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July 16, 2012
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Chapter 3: Playtime

"Is she avake yet?"

"Does she look like she's awake."

"Hey shut up dummkof."

"Why don't you make me!"

[Name] groaned, at the sound of arguing, "Izaya, Gilbert go away!" She said burring her face in her pillow. 

"Vake up..." A small but recognizable voice stated, as she felt someone shaking her.

The young woman sat up, eyes still adjusting to the dim morning light that shown through her window. "Wha~ Ahhh!"


Awesome Narrator Voice: Another world meeting was under way, as usual England and France were arguing, Russia was scaring Lithuania, and America was going on about solving the worlds problems with a giant super hero. Which meant...

"Alright everyone listen up!" Germany snapped, again frustrated by the other nations lack of self control. As he was about to start, banging on the door could be heard.

"Hey! Let me in let me in! Someone!" Someone screamed from the other side, as the banging grew louder. Irritated Germany marched over to the door, thinking it was someone who decided to show up late, and threw the door open. 

"Vhat is~"

"Germany! Germany! Help!" [Name] cried frantically as she ran into the meeting room, dragging two small children behind her.

"[Name] vhat is~"

"IwassleepingandIheardvoicesandIwasall,ShutupandtheIwokeupandsawthat!" She said frantically pointing to the children as she continued to wave her arms around and rant. "SoafterIscreamedIwasallmaybethey'recountriesandIgettobetheleaderofnewcountriesbutthenIthoughtaboutpoliticsandthenIaskeddoyouhaveparents.TheysaidyesandIsaidwherearetheyandtheysaidourdad'sout,butweknowwhereourmomis.Iwasallwhereanditwasweirdcausetheywereinmyhousefornoreasonbuttheysaidme!ThenIwasallAHHHHHandthenIranherebecauseIwaslikeIknowcountriesandheadlessridersandcrazystuffsosomeoneshouldbeabletohelpme,andnowI'mhere!Someonehelp!" She started breathing heavily, as all the countries looked at her like she was insane, including Germany.

"What~ No way!" Feliciano exclaimed running over, "How'd this-a happen?"

"Did anyone besides Italy understand any of that?" England asked obviously confused.

"I think it has something to do with the two little ones with her, da." Russia stated.

"She said, she woke up and these two kids were in her house, she thought they where new countries, but they said she was their mom." Romano stated, as he and Feliciano stood next to the hyperventilating girl.

"Yes..." She managed to breath out. Everyone's attention was fixed on the two children, who they had to admit reminded them of someone. There were two almost identical boys, who couldn't be any older than eight. One of them wore a bored expression, his short raven black hair making his [e/c] stand out, while the other boy smiled at everyone's confusion his pale white hair cut in a similar style to the other boys and the same [e/c] eyes. Both of them wore red shirts and jeans.

"Eh.. don't those two look oddly familiar." France stated.

"You're right amigo, especially the one on the left." Spain stated.

"Mutti, can ve get ice cream now?" The child with white hair stated.

"I am not your mother, stop calling me that!" [Name] snapped.

"You are our mother, we told you that earlier." The raven haired child stated.

"Am not!"

"Are so."



"Both of you enough!" Germany stated, causing them to stop arguing. 

"Kesesese, you tell um uncle Vest." 

"Vhat did you say?" 

"Uncle Vest, you are mien uncle." The kid stated matter-factly.

"Germany I didn't-a know you were an uncle?" Feli stated.

"Germany-san if that is your nephew then doesn't that mean~" Japan stated, all the other countries looked at [Name] in disbelief.

"Don't look at me like that, I don't know where these... kids came from." She stated.

"Well Mon amor~" France started only to be silenced by her sending him a glare that could stop an army.

"I am not in the mood, and if someone doesn't tell me where these brats came from I am going to scream."

"Vell vhere exactly did they come from?"

"They didn't say all I know is they where in my house. And all they could say was they don't know how they got there. That's why I thought they were some new countries, at first, but I asked if they had parents and they said yes, so I asked who and they said I was their mom. I know that's impossible, right?"

"If it vas impossible vhy vould ve be here?" 

"I don't know why you're here!"

"Mom~ I'm bored." The raven haired child whined, "Can we ditch this, place and go to the arcade?"




The child stood and then smiled, "Mommy~ can we please go?" He asked giving her the best puppy dog eyes a kid could give someone.

"I said... Fine I'll take you both later..." Both young boys cheered, "You're both manipulative little brats..."

"Hm... I wonder." England thought to himself, "[Name] can you recall the things you've done say this past week?"

"Yeah, I don't see how that solves the problem at hand, but I went to the mall, I dropped off some stuff, I had to deal with the idiot duo as always, the usual... oh and I taught a few cooking lessons to some people, you were one of them... What did you do?!" She said looking at the English man.

"I... I don't know what you're talking about..."

"Those two look a lot, like two people I know. Those two think I'm there mom, and they show up out of thin air. Now that sounds oddly like someone tried to do a spell and when it backfired I got hit in the cross fire. So talk."

"I... Uh... I may have..."

"You better fix this now!" She snapped, succeeding in scaring him and a few others in the room.

"I'll get right on it."

"Good, and as for you two." She said looking at the two boys, "It's time for some quality time."


There was a loud banging on the door, that forced the Prussian out of his bed. "Ugh, who is it?" He groaned, before opening the door. "Must have been some kids?" He was about to shut the door, when he heard a voice he looked down, to see a shorter almost identical version of himself.

"Vatti!" The child yelled, "I'm bored, oh und mutti said to give you zhis." He said handing him a note, the still confused Prussian read the note.

'England screwed up some spell.'

"Vell, zhat vas a good explanation, so vhats you're name kid?"  he asked as the young boy followed him inside.

"Vell, we didn't have any at first, but Mutti named us Mello und Kiyoshi. I'm zhe Alvays Awesome Mello." He stated.

"Zhat's my boy." Gilbert, stated hugging him. "Vait, you said us?"

"Ja, mien bruder Kiyoshi, he's vith his vatti, mutti said if I want you have to take me to play vith him."

"Vait whose~"

"The guy vith the black hair, Izaya."

"Pfft!" The older male began to laugh, "Vell you have zhe awesome vatti."


"So let me get this straight, you're supposed to be my kid?" Izaya stated, as he observed the young child sitting in front of him.

"Like I told mom, yes." The child stated, as he looked at him with a bored expression. "So do you have anything to do, if not I want to go play with my brother."

"Look kid, I'm not a babysitter~"

"You'd be an awful one if you were."

"I see what you're trying to do and it won't work."

"And what am I trying to do, dad?" He smirked.

"You're trying to get me to just go along with this, and even if somehow a 'spell' went wrong, just because you may look like me doesn't mean~"

"I'm bored now." Kiyoshi sighed, standing from where he had sat, and walking to the kitchen. "Do you have any snacks?" He said from the fridge.

"I wasn't done talking to you." Izaya stated.

"But I am."

"This is going to be a long day."


"Hey Mello, vhere did you go?" Gilbert called, as he searched around the house for the child, who after refusing to take a nap, ran off and hid. "It's just a nap..."

"A nonawesome nap!" He heard someone yell from the direction of his room, he sighed and walked into the room, to see Mello sitting behind the bed, in an attempt to hide. 

"Vell, I have zhings to do and kids take naps." He said as he walked over to were the boy was hiding, to see him trying to read something. "Vhat do you have zhere?"

"Vatti vhy are zhese ladies not vearing clothes?" He said looking up from the magazine and looking at him with a curious expression.

"Vell~ you see those are magazines you von't understand for at least two more years, if you really are like me."

"Is it because they're hot?" He asked, only to be hugged by the older Prussian. 

"I'm so proud of you."

"I'm still not taking a nap, can I go play vith Kiyoshi? I'm bored, oh I know ve can all go find mutti too!"

"Sounds like a plan."


"You're so boring~" Kiyoshi whined as he laid on the couch. "You don't do anything~"

"I can defiantly see [Name] in your personality." Izaya chuckled.

"Shut up~ I want to do something take me to the park."

"I'm busy, I do have a job."

"You just sit at your desk talking on chat lines, that's not work, that's being lame."

"Well that's what you think."

"I'll tell."

"Do you really think that would scare me, go ahead tell [Name]-chan."

"Not her," He shook his head, "Celty and Shinra and Shizuo and the police." 

"About what, that I won't take you to a park, fine by me."

"Nope, about the head on your bookshelf."

"What are you talking about?"

"I wonder how everyone will react when they find out you're behind it? It might actually be fun." He laughed.

Izaya merely shook his head and smirked, "And why would anyone believe you?"

"They don't have to, but if you were told someone had a decapitated head in their house, wouldn't you check too?"

"To the park it is then." 

"I knew you'd see things my way, dad."


"Tag you're it, Gilbird!" Mello laughed as he ran around, the little yellow bird chirping excitedly as it chased him around, in the park. "Hey Vatti come play tag vith me und Gilbird!" The young boy called, to the Prussian sitting at a park bench.

"Maybe later."

"Aw come on, you aren't being awesome."

"I can assure you, zhe awesome me is always being awesome."

"Not now you aren't." Mello stated, stopping what he was doing to look at the man. He looked around then smiled. "The less awesome one!"

"I told you to quite calling me that, idiot." Kiyoshi stated, as he walked over.

"Is zhat zhe other one? He looks a lot like that Izaya..."

"The apple doesn't fall far from the tree." The raven haired child stated rolling his eyes.

"Hey~ I thought I told you to be nice, Kiyo-chan~" Izaya smirked.

"Don't call me that!" 

"Why not?"

"It's annoying and embarrassing, that's why." He pouted.

"Well welcome to life, that's what parents are for."

"I want Mom."

"Me too."

"Hey where is [Name] anyvays?" Gilbert asked. 

"She told us she was going, to try to wake up from this." Kiyoshi stated, "So she's probably at home."

"And you didn't say that earlier?" Izaya stated.

"I didn't see a reason too." 

"Did you know zhat to?" Gilbert asked, getting a nod from his look alike.

"I think it's time for a little get together, what do you say?" Izaya smirked. 


[Name] sat in her house, drinking a cup of coffee, she had just woken up and declared that all the previous events where a dream. "Kids that look like those two... ha... I need to go on a vacation." She sighed.

"Can ve go?" A German voice asked.

"The object of a vacation is to get away from, you two." She stated, glancing over.

"But mutti that's mean~" Mello pouted.

"AAHHH! It wasn't a dream!" She shrieked seeing the four of them in her home, spitting out her coffee. "Why are you all here?!"

"Why [Name]-chan~ you act like you aren't excited to see your family." Izaya smirked.

"I want to wake up!"

"You aren't asleep." Kiyoshi stated.

"No!" She groaned, "Well why are you all here?"

"Like I said to spend time together." Izaya stated.

"Yeah come play vith us, it'll be fun. please~" Mello said standing in front of her, giving her puppy dog eyes. "Please."

"Ugh, fine." she sighed, no match for that look.

"Come on let's all play somezhing."


After hours of playing board games, tag, and getting into craft fights mostly from the adults  drawing on each other with markers, the two children had fallen asleep on [Name's] couch. 

"I'm exhausted." [Name] sighed, sitting at her dinning room table. 

"You're one to talk, you hid in your room when they wanted to play tag." Izaya stated tiredly.

"I thought it was hide and seek, and if I was winning I wasn't coming out. Besides as soon as I did I ended up covered with glue." She said glaring at the Prussian.

"Zhat's because you, drew an unawesome mustache on mien awesome face. It better come off." 

"It's an improvement."

"Vhat and unawesome zhing to say."

"Yeah, yeah whatever." She said, "But on the bright side they had fun, and tired themselves out." She said glancing over to where the two children where and smiling.

"Aw~ Is someone happy that she's a new mother of two."

"Shut up Izaya." She stated getting up. "And if I'm stuck with them I may as well enjoy the time, who knows how long it'll be before England figures out what he did." She secretly smiled at the idea, she had gotten attached to the two, in a short amount of time. It was actually like that with the other two, so it wasn't a surprise to her. She walked over to the couch before letting out a defeated sigh, "Hey... guys..." She picked up a picture both boys had colored before falling asleep, it was supposed to be all of them.

"Vhat is it?" The Prussian asked.

"Looks like Iggy figured it out..." She said looking at the picture, and rubbing her eyes. 

"Aw~ I'm gonna miss having a little awesome version of me." Gilbert stated, he glanced at [Name] before smirking. 

"Don't even think about it, now that that's over both of you out now!"

"[Name]-chan you're so mean~"

"Come on frau~"

They both complained as she pushed them to the door, and shut it in their faces. "Finally peace and quiet." She sighed, walking to the kitchen, and taping the picture onto the fridge. "I guess two of them was all the world could handle too... why didn't I get to keep the little ones instead of those two idiots."
Here's the next chapter

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