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March 10, 2012
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Rule #4: Spend plenty of time with loyal subjects, especially when there this interesting

"[Name], it's good to see you!" Shinra said, as he let [Name] and Kanya in. "Kanya how's it been?"

"Hey Shinra." [Name] said, as Kanya dashed into the apartment.

"Hi Shinra, where's Celty?" She said looking around.

"She had to do a job, but she should be back pretty soon." Shinra said.

"Aw~" Kanya sighed, upset about not getting to play with Celty yet. She sat on the couch, pouting, and looked at the TV.

"She really likes Celty, huh." Shinra laughed.

"Yeah." [Name] smiled. "Okay I'll be back to pick her up at eight, if not me then I'll make Izaya come get her." [Name] had to go to another town over, and Shinra and Celty agreed to watch Kanya, for her. "Thanks so much for watching her."

"No problem, she's just like a little sister." Shinra laughed.

"I am?!" Kanya stated. "But mommy isn't that old."

[Name] groaned, "Thanks… Kanya… really…" She shook her head. "Okay, I'm going to go now;
I'll be back at eight. Come give mommy a hug." Kanya ran over, and hugged her. "Be good, for Shinra and Celty okay."

"I will, see you later mommy." Kanya said turning back to the TV, as [Name] left. Just as soon as she left Celty walked through the door, causing the raven haired five year old to dash over to the dullahan. "Celty!"

Celty whipped out her PDA and greeted the child. 'Kanya, how's it been?'

"I've been fine, our principal quit at school, but our new one is really nice to me! Can we go ride on your horse? Oh I know we can go to the park or maybe~"
Celty held her hands in front of her, signaling for the small girl to calm down. 'How about we play a few games first, okay?'

"Okay Celty." She said her eyes full of excitement, as she went back and sat on the couch, kicking her legs in anticipation. "Oh look Celty, Kasuka's movie is on TV, wanna watch it?"

"She sure is full of life." Shinra laughed.

'What did you expect she is [Name] and Izaya's daughter?' Celty stated.

"You're right about that." There was a knock on the door, and Shinra opened it, while Celty and [Name] watched TV.  "Oh hey Shizuo, what's~"

"Shizu-oji!" Kanya squealed, before jumping up and running over to hug Shizuo.

"Hey, Kanya." Shizuo said actually returning the hug. "Hey Shinra, I didn't know you
where babysitting [Name's] kid."

"Mommy, had something to do today, and she said she'd pick me up at eight!" Kanya said, "So I get to play with, Celty and now you're here so we all can play a game."

"Sorry kid, I can't stay long."

"Aw please Shizuo~" Kanya pleaded, grabbing his hand and trying to pull him inside the apartment, though she was making no real progress.

"She really looks up to you Shizuo; it's kind of ironic, when you think about it." Shinra laughed, at the irony.

"Do you want me, to break your face?" Shizuo glared.

"No thanks."

"Hmph." Kanya huffed, as she gave up her attempt. "Please can you stay, Shizuo?" She begged.

"Maybe next time." He sighed.

"Okay, promise!"

"Yeah fine I promise."

"Yay!" She exclaimed, hugging him again. "You're the best Shizu-oji!"

"How many times have I told you, that's not your uncle?" Everyone's' attention went to the raven haired informant leaning against the door.

"Hi daddy!" Kanya waved, as Celty picked her up.

"What do you want flea?!" Shizuo glared.

"Oh I was just coming to check up on my daughter." Izaya stated adding emphasis on my. "I had no idea you'd be here, Shizu-chan."

Shizuo aimed at his face, but the informant managed to slip away just in time, to avoid the hit. "Come here you damn flea, I'm going to kick your ass!"

"Shizu-chan, I'd prefer you don't use that kind of language around Kanya-chan. I wouldn't want to explain to [Name]-chan where she learned that kind of foul language." Izaya taunted.

"But daddy, I heard you say the d word before." Kanya stated.

"Just don't tell your mother." Izaya stated, as he dodged another attack from Shizuo, before running out the door.

"Get back here!" Shizuo yelled chasing after him.

'Those two never learn do they?' Celty typed. Both Shinra and Kanya nodded in agreement.

Later that evening, [Name] knocked on the door, and Shinra let her in. "So how was she?"
she asked.

"Same as always." Shinra smiled. "She fell asleep, while her and Celty where watching a movie." Shinra whispered, as they walked over to the couch. Where [Name] was sleeping peacefully, Celty picked her up and handed her to her mother.

"Thanks you guys, it means a lot knowing I have someone who I know will actually watch her, Izaya's hopeless sometimes." [Name] sighed, as she held the small girl.

"I'm sure he's probably just pretending, because he knows you'll pick up his slack." Shinra stated.

"Yeah, that sounds like him. Well thanks again." She waved before they left the apartment.

"Mommy…" Kanya said sleepily, as [Name] walked to a bus stop.

"Hm… Did you have a good time today, sweetie." She smiled at the little girl.

"Yes, and Shizu-oji came over for a little while… And then daddy came to check on me, so they started fighting…"

"Of course."

"But Daddy came back, later, and he played with me while Celty had to go do a job."

"Really…" [Name] smiled, "That sounds like him too."


"Hm…" [Name] said still smiling.

"There's a man following us." Kanya whispered, causing [Name] to stop and hold her tighter.

[Name] looked back to see, her daughter was right, and she glared at the man, before turning and walking towards the bus stop. Another man walked form an alley, and joined the other as the continued to follow the mother and child. [Name] sat Kanya on the bench and smiled. "Now sweetie I want you to sit right here, I'm going to have a word with these gentlemen, and I want you to watch for the bus okay."

"Okay mommy."

"When you see the bus call me okay, so keep looking for it."

"Okay." Kanya said as she looked sleepily for the bus. [Name] walked over to the two men,
who where sneering at her.

"Is there something I can help you with?" She asked still smiling.

"You and that kid are with that informant right." One of the men stated.

"You mean am I his wife, and is that his kid. If so then yes, we are with him. I'm [Name]
… [Name] Orihara, what can I do for you." She said her smile never faltering.

"You two are coming with us, so don't try and scream or the kid, will get it." The one that came from the alley stated.

"I see…" [Name] said, her smile dropping slightly, as she reached into her purse, before they could say anything she sprayed an entire can of pepper spray in their eyes, causing them to scream in pain. "You aren't very good kidnappers." She said as she dropped the can and walked over to a nearby trash can, and picked up a metal rod that lay next to it, and stalked back over to the two men, who could barely see. "Don't you, ever," She struck one of them in the back of his legs before he could try to grab her. "EVER!" She did the same to the other, as the both lay on the ground in pain. "EVER!!! EVER!!!" She yelled as she proceeded to beat them with the metal rod. "Threaten my CHILD ever again!" She said as she continued to hit them with the rod, her anger fueling her.

"Mommy, I see the bus." Kanya yawned not once disobeying her mother's words, and keeping her eyes on the approaching bus.

"Okay sweetie." [Name] said smiling as she threw the rod down, and whipped out her cell phone. "Say cheese you two." She said snapping a picture of them. "You know in the wild a mother wolf will rip anything that threatens her young, to shreds. Lucky for you this mother wolf, and her pup have a bus to catch, but don't worry." She beamed, as she sent the photo to someone, and hung up her phone. "The rest of the pack is on their way."

She walked over to the bench and picked up the still tired Kanya. "Ready to go home sweetie." She smiled.


[Name] stepped onto the bus, and took a seat near a window, still holding Kanya in her arms. The bus drove off just as the two men tried to scramble to their feet, and a vending machine slammed into the ground in front of them.

"Mommy, can I sleep in you and Daddy's room tonight?"

"Sure, since you did what I asked you to." [Name] smiled, tickling the five year old, who giggled. "Besides Daddy may be sleeping outside tonight."

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zendeya67 Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2013  Student Writer
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