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March 3, 2012
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Rule # 2: Sugar and spice and a tablespoon of mind trickery.

5 years Later

"Mommy, can we go to the park today?" The small girl asked, her raven black hair blown around her hair messily, as her mother began helping her get dressed.

"I guess, and daddy doesn't have anything to do today…minus messing with peoples' lives… so he can come too." [Name] smiled, as the little girl's bright [your e/c] eyes danced with excitement.

"I can't wait mommy, I'm gonna go tell daddy, so he can hurry and get ready." She beamed skipping away. "Daddy, daddy! Mommy said we can go to the park, come on!" She said running up to the informant's desk, and jumping into his lap.

"Whoa, easy Kanya-chan." Izaya said as the small girl, tried to drag him from his chair.

"Dad~ come on, I wanna go to the park~" She whined when she saw she wouldn't be able to pull him from the chair.

"I'm busy today."

"Mommy said you had nothing else to do, minus messing with people's lives." Kanya quoted.

"Did she now? Did she say anything else, I should know about?"

"She told me it's a secret." She said covering her mouth with her small hands; Izaya chuckled at his daughters display.

"Why don't you tell me, and then that'll be our secret."


"Because why?"

"You won't go to the park with us."

"And I suppose if I go you'll tell me this great secret."

"Maybe yes, or maybe no."

"You sound like your mom."

"She says I sound like you, that's why I have to keep what she said a secret."

"That doesn't seem like her, at all. I guess I just won't be able to go to the park, with you today. Maybe tomorrow, if I'm not so busy."

Kanya began to sniffle sadly her hands rubbing her [e/c] eyes, as tears began to form. "But… dad… dy…" She cried.

"Not buts, I just can't right now." Izaya sighed. Kanya continued to sob. "Come on you can go to the park with mommy." He said trying to stop her crying.

"But… I want… you… ta… go…with us…"

"Hey stop crying~" he cooed patting her on the head, but she continued to cry. "Come on Kanya-chan, don't cry."

"But I wan…ted to go to the park, and play with you and mommy… but you don't want to be with us…" She cried.

"Hey that isn't true, I love both of you."

"Then… why… won't… you go… with us?"

Izaya sighed, "Alright I'll go, but you've got to stop crying."

"Okay…" She said wiping away her tears, then hugging him. "Love you daddy."

"Love you too, Kanya-chan." Izaya chuckled.

As the three walked down the streets, they couldn't help but draw attention. It's hard to believe the still infamous informant could be spending what looked like a normal day with his family. The idea of him even having a kid, managed to still shock people.

"Daddy, will you push me on the swings? Mommy will you play on the seesaw with me? Can we get ice cream when we leave? I wonder if we'll see Shizu-oji. Mom, dad, can we~"

"You ask so many questions, it's so adorable." [Name] said smiling at her daughter.

"Whenever I ask you something, you get all crabby." Izaya pouted.

"So what she's just so cute." She said picking up the five years old and spinning around.

"You're so mean [Name]-chan~" Izaya cooed.

"Shut it Izaya." She said allowing Kanya to walk again.

"Mommy, why do you and daddy call each other your first names, and not nicknames like my friends mommy's and daddy's do?"

"It's not our style," Izaya stated grinning. "You see if we did what all the other parents did, then that wouldn't be any fun, now would it."

"Your right, it wouldn't be, because my parents are fun!" She laughed as she spun around. "And now we're going to the park, and this'll be fun, this'll be fun. 

[Name] couldn't help but smile at the similarity between father, and daughter. "Okay Kanya, you'll get dizzy if you keep spinning like that."

"Kay." She said before she spotted the playground area, and dashed off towards the other children who flew around like little worker bees.

"She's a lot like you, I don't know if that's good or bad." [Name] said as she sat on a park bench, Izaya sitting next to her.

"Of course that's good!" Izaya stated. "It means she could take over the family business."

"What family business?"

"The information business, of course."

"Izaya I highly doubt she'll want to ruin peoples' lives like you."

"Care to make a small wager then, if I'm right which I know I will be, and she takes an
interest in being an informant one day, not only do you have to admit that I was right, but also you have to do everything I say for a year, and I mean everything."

"You're a horrible person, but~ if I win, you have to tell the truth." She said, glancing over at where Kanya was playing with some other children.

"That again, huh. Fine it's a deal." He shrugged.

"Alright, and since we're making deals, I believe Kanya promised to tell you our secret
if you came, but since she's playing I will." She sighed, before leaning over and whispering to Izaya. "The secret is, if all else fails, start crying and he'll do whatever you want." She smirked at the informants expression.

"I should have know you too~"

"Daddy, come push me on the swings!" Kanya said running over, and grabbing his hand trying to pull him up.

"Alright…" he said standing, "The two of us will finish this little chat later, now won't we [Name]-chan~" He cooed a mischievous smirk playing across his face. Kanya looked up at her father, and then smiled in the same way to her mother.

"Yeah mommy, you two can finish talking later."

[Name] couldn't help but feel a bit relieved when the two of them dropped that smile and went to the swings. "Those two are going to be the death of me."

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