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March 18, 2012
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Rule #7: You must know when to surrender.

"Daddy, come push me on the swing!" Kanya exclaimed as she waved Izaya over, to where she sat on a swing. Izaya stood from where he was sitting and strolled over to the swing set. "I want to go higher than anyone else!"

"Alright." Izaya said before pushing the swing.

"That's not high enough; I want to go higher than the bar." She said pointing up at the bar holding the swings, while hanging on with her other.

"Why is that?" Izaya said humoring her.

"Because, it's fun being so high up! Everyone else looks like ants, even you Daddy." She giggled, as she swung higher.

"Even me, huh?" Izaya smirked, before pulling her off the swing and spinning around.

Kanya squealed with laughter. "Daddy~ I'm dizzy~" She laughed.

Izaya stopped spinning, and then sat in the swing. "Now what was that about me being an

"When I'm up high everyone is an ant, Daddy~" She laughed, "And I'm a giant."

"Well aren't you kind of small for a giant?" Izaya said, as he swung back and forth in the swing.

"Only to you, because you're a grown up giant."

Izaya laughed, "Well then doesn't that make [Name]-chan~ a grown up giant to."

"I'm telling mommy." Kanya gasped.

"What for?"

"You don't say a mommy is a grown up giant, even if you and me are, saying mommy's a giant is like saying those pants make her butt look big or something."

"And she told you this."

"No… I heard it on TV."

"Well I'm just going to have to monitor what you watch."

"But we watch the same shows."

"Alright, I think it's time for lunch." Izaya stated standing up, as Kanya stood beside him.

"You said we could get ice cream!"

"And we will, but after you eat something, so where to."

"Hm… I want sushi."

"Okay Russia Sushi it is."

When they arrived in front of the restaurant , Kanya ran ahead of Izaya.

"privyet (pree-vyet) Simon!" Kanya exclaimed, using the only word she knew in Russian, to greet him.

"Well if it isn't little Izaya, you come to eat Russia Sushi." Simon said bending down.

"Yeah, me and Daddy came for lunch!" She beamed. "Mommy had to go somewhere for a few
days, so it's just me and Daddy!"

"Well if Izaya give you any trouble, you let me know."

"I will!"

"Hey what's that about, I would never give my little Kanya-chan~ any trouble?" Izaya said, Kanya laughed as they went inside. "So what do you want?"

"Um… any sushi."

"So whatever I get, you'll eat too?"

"Mmhmm." She nodded.

"Well what's something you might want to eat?"

"Um…  I like Inari, Mommy always puts some in my lunch, and I like Maki!"

"What kind?"

"Cucumber and sometimes tuna."

"Why only sometimes, that's the best kind!" Izaya stated.

"I don't know just depends." She shrugged.

"Well tell you what, I'll get you some Inari and cucumber maki, and I'll get some fatty tuna and I want you to decide which is the best."

"Okay, but you won't change my mind."

"Oh well see." Izaya said ordering their meal, as they sat and waited.

"Hey look who it is." Someone stated, causing both Kanya and Izaya to look around.

"Dota-chin, Erika, Walker, Saburo!" Kanya waved.

"Hey Kanya, how's it been." Erika said.

"Good, me and Daddy are spending the day together, until Mommy get's back."

"[Name] left you two together; you must have made her really mad." Kyohei  stated.

"Mmhmm he did." Kanya nodded.

"She'll get over it, besides that just means I get to spend time with Kanya-chan here~"

"You know it be cool if [Name] was actually on some top secret mission." Erika stated.

"Or living a double life." Walker added.

"Double life?" Kanya said confused.

"Okay you two, let's let them eat." Kyohei stated while he and Saburo dragged them away.

"Daddy what does double life mean?"

"Well she said I wasn't allowed to emotionally scar you, but she never said anything about those two." Izaya sighed, as their sushi was placed in front of them. "I'll tell you what it means later, now you have to choose which is better. Be advised that I can ground you for life." Izaya said placing the sushi in front of her.

Kanya ate one of each kind, then thought. "The best one is… Fatty tuna." She stated.

"See I told you." Izaya said proudly.

"I only like it so I can get ice cream next."

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