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April 8, 2012
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Rule # 10: This is why princesses need round the clock bodyguards and fully stocked entourages.

Kanya sat in her desk at school, coloring, her legs swinging back and forth as the teacher walked around the room.

"Oh and remember class, tomorrow is bring your parent to school day. They get to talk about what their jobs are, and maybe one day one of you will be motivated to trying one of those jobs." The teacher beamed.

The class immediately filled with chatter.

"My Mom, works at a hospital, she helps sick people." One girl beamed.

"Well my Dad's a firefighter!"

"Hey Kanya, what do your parents do?" The girl sitting next to Kanya asked her.

"My Dad is an informant he knows everything and everyone! And my Mom sometimes works with him, and she knows a lot too." Kanya smiled, proud of her parents, not being like
everyone else's parents.

"You're dad doesn't know everything or everyone!" A cocky for his age boy said, his group of friends standing in front of Kanya's seat.

"Yes he does Eric, you're just jealous that my Dad is way cooler than yours."

"I bet he doesn't know Yuhei Hanejima." A girl blurted out.

"He does to, and so does my Mommy, and me, because he's my uncle's brother."

"You made that up." The boy named Eric stated. "You're Dad probably works in some boring office."

"No he doesn't, he works in our house, and he gets to take off so he can spend time with me whenever he wants!"

"You're a liar, no one believes you." He stated, as his friends began to laugh.
Kanya glared at him, a look that could only rival her father's, when he was truly mad.
She picked up the squeeze container of glue on her desk, stood up and poured it in his hair. The boy stopped laughing, and looked horrified, as the glue ran down from his hair onto his face, as the other kids laughed. Kanya smirked triumphantly.

He glared at her, before raising his hand and slapping her. Everyone went quiet; Kanya held her cheek with wide [e/c] eyes tears brimming the corners. Even Eric's eyes had widened from his action.

"Eric!" the teacher yelled, startled with both their behavior.

Kanya fought back the tears that threatened to flow, and balled up her small fist. "You stupid jerk!" She screamed, before knocking him to the ground, they both started fighting, and rolling across the floor, before the teacher could pull them apart.

Kanya sat outside the principal's office, a small ice pack held to her check.

Yelling could be heard inside the office, as well as calm but angry insults, along with the principal's voice trying to calm both the fuming men.

"It's not my fault his son is the leading example of why chivalry is dead." Izaya's voice said from inside the office.

"You shut the hell up about my son!"

"He obviously get's his personality from you."

"You're one to talk about raising a kid! You're kids possessed or something, and you know
it! She always causes trouble for the other students!"

"Only when they bother her."

The arguing continued, and Kanya let a few silent tears escape from her eyes.

"Here" She looked up to see, a tissue being waved in front of her face.  She accepted it, and wiped her face clear of tears.

"Thanks." She said quietly.

"I'm sorry I hit you." He said quietly while looking down at his feet. "I didn't mean to,
I just… Sorry."

"I forgive you, I'm sorry I put glue in your hair."

"That's okay."

Silence grew between the two, as they looked at the ground.

"You know we're both going to be in trouble."

"Yeah." Kanya sighed.

"You're dad seems scary."

"No he's not." Kanya said defensively.

"But he's not scared of my Dad, even my mom is, that's why she left." He said sadly.

"Oh… Well my Daddy isn't afraid of anyone, and he's strong because him and my uncle Shizuo always fight, but not really, since they mostly just break things."

"Wait Shizuo… you mean the strongest man in Ikebukero!" Eric said excited. "That's your uncle?"

"Mmhmm, he's my Mom's brother."

"That's cool!" Both children laughed their previous argument in the past. "You're not that bad Kanya."

"Same to you."

The door to the principal's office opened, and Izaya glanced at Kanya who was still laughing. "Let's get going Kanya-chan~"

"Okay Daddy!" Kanya smiled, "Bye Eric, see you tomorrow." She waved, before grabbing her father's hand.

"See ya Kanya."

They started walking, but Kanya couldn't help but to glance back. She saw the other man come out of the principals office, and heard him start yelling.


"Hm, what is it Kanya-chan?"

"You can find anybody right, and you can make bullies get in trouble right?"

"What you want me to get some information on that kid, so he'll get in more trouble?"

"No!" Kanya shook her head. "Can you find, my friends mom, they really miss her, and their dad is a bully."

Izaya stopped walking as they reached the entrance.

"It's your job right, to help people like that."

"My job is to gather information on people, based on someone else paying for that information."

Kanya removed her hand form his, and reached into her pocket, before placing the contents in his hand. "That's € 1 and two tokens for the arcade you and mommy take me to, that
should be enough."

Izaya could only smile at the determined look she was giving him. "You're so much like your mom, keep it." He said handing her, her money back. "Family is free right."

Kanya smiled at him, before hugging him. "Thank you Daddy, you're the best."

"I know I am, now let's get going I had a few things to do before I came to get you."


They walked out of the building, and Kanya deposited the ice pack in a nearby trash can. "You sure you didn't want to keep that on?" Kanya shook her head. "There isn't a bruise, so I won't have to hear her nagging me about it." Kanya stuck her tongue out and made a face at him, before grabbing his hand.

"Let's go Daddy, you have things to do."

They walked into south Ikebukero Park; Kanya ran towards the fountain and leaned over the edge gazing at her reflection.

"Hey Kanya-chan~ I need you to stay right her for about five seconds. Think you can do that for me?" Izaya asked, Kanya looked from the water to her father.

"Mommy say's you aren't supposed to leave me."

"I'm not leaving you; I'm just going to go pick something up."

"Then why can't I come, I won't ask for anything?"
Izaya sighed, "Look, this is actually a test; [Name] wanted me to see if you were
responsible enough now that you're getting older."

"I'm five."

"And soon you'll be six. Now this can be our secret okay, you can even tell her if I'm not back in time."


"Don't talk to strangers, and stay right here."

"Okay." Kanya sighed, before looking back into the fountain, "One one thousand…."

Izaya smirked, before walking over to a building.

"Two one thousand… Three one thousand… Four one thousand…" Kanya began to hesitate, not wanting her father to get in trouble. "Four and a quarter one thousand… Four and a half
one thousand… Um… F~ Five one…"

"See did I take so long." Izaya said walking back over to her.

"Almost… So what else do you have to do?"

"Let's get lunch."

"Kay… can we eat over there!" She exclaimed pointing at a small restaurant. "I want to eat outside."

"Sure why not." Izaya said, walking with her across the street. They were seated at one of the tables outside, and Kanya looked eagerly at the children's menu. "So what do you want?"

"Um… Pasta."

After eating their meal, the two walked around for an hour as Izaya handled "business" Kanya didn't complain since she was spending more time with him.  "Oh, I just remembered Daddy, tomorrows bring your parents to school day, can you come and talk about your job, and how you know everyone."

"I'll try to make it."


"I promise."

After awhile of walking Izaya's phone rang, of course it was someone who wanted to purchase information; in fact he had been working with this human for a few days. They continued to trust him, and rely on him, it was amusing. To think that they actually thought he cared about their problems. Izaya only pretended to listen, as he walked home, expecting Kanya to follow him as he talked on the phone. The man on the other end wanted to know if his wife was having an affair, of course Izaya knew the truth, but if he simply told him what fun would that be. Before he even realized it, he was back at their home, the door shut behind him and he walked over to his desk, and boredly began typing on his computer, as he hung up the phone.

The door swung open, and [Name] sighed as she dragged a suitcase inside, along with several other bags.

"Have fun." Izaya mocked, causing her to glare at him.

"Yes actually I did, going to a spa, was the best idea I ever had. And thanks for paying, for my vacation." She smirked.

"I didn't pay for anything."

"Oh yes you did. Hey shouldn't you be going to pick up Kanya from school?"

"No, she's here, she got in trouble for fighting and they sent her home early." Izaya said casually.

"What!! Is she okay, why didn't you call me?! Why didn't you kill whoever laid a hand on my baby?!"

"It was a five year old."

"Well why didn't you kill their parents?!"

"I'm working on that one."

"Where is she? She isn't hurt?!"

"She's fine, she's upstairs playing, don't worry I handled it. In fact I handled these past couple of days, just fine."

"I'll see about that." [Name] said walking upstairs, Izaya chuckled at her seemingly lack
of trust, before going back to what he was working on. [Name] walked downstairs again this time a terrified expression on her face. "Izaya… Please… Please tell me you're both just messing with me." She said trying to remain calm.

"What are you talking about?"

"It's okay, if the two of you are playing a game, and trying to scare me, ha… ha… see I laughed now make Kanya come out of whatever room she's hiding in."

Izaya looked at her confused, "We didn't know when you where coming back, so how would we be able to set up something to scare you."

"Then where the hell is my daughter?!" She yelled.

"She's upstairs…"

"No she isn't, Izaya this isn't funny!"

Izaya got up and walked, upstairs trying to prove to [Name] that she was overreacting and that Kanya was probably in the bathroom or something. When he got upstairs her room was empty, he looked in their room, the bathroom and anywhere a five year old could hide, and still the results came up the same.

"Damn it!"

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Chibi-Vodka Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2014

Exactly what I would say
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"Well why didn't you kill the parents!?" EXACTLY HOW I'D REACT XD
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:izanyanplz: Well that escalated quickly.
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:izaya: hey i'm that bad of a dad and plus in my defense i was busy on the phone with someone who wanted info and was willing to pay me a lot of money so my kid wouldn't go hungry and homeless

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And just when i thought that Izaya is such a cute dad that Kanya-chan suddenly went missing........
Seriously, Izaya...... you are making Reader-chan panick XD
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Just when I was starthing to think "Aww... Izaya such a sweet dad" next thing I know he lost his child! -_- Darn him lol XD
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LOL ^^
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