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September 8, 2012
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Rule 14: When taken to the store, see it, want it, hug Mom and Dad, and you can get it.

"Hurry Daddy hurry!" Kanya exclaimed as she pulled Izaya's hand.

"Kanya-chan~ the pet store doesn't close until eight, and it's only three, there's plenty of time." Izaya stated, as he let the five year old pull him to the door, where [Name] was already standing.

"But I want a cool pet, so we have to see them all." Kanya stated, "So let's go."

The trio walked through the streets of Ikkebukuro, Kanya excitedly, holding both her parents' hands. "I wonder what kind of pet I should get?"

"You should get a pet tarantula." Izaya smirked, causing [Name] to glare at him.

"A spider isn't a pet, it's a pest, just like an annoying flea."

"I want a pet I can play with Daddy~" Kanya stated, "So I can teach it tricks." 

"How about a dog then?" [Name] asked, smiling at the young girl. "You can get a puppy and teach it tricks."

"And who's going to clean up after a puppy?" Izaya stated, "Plus they're annoying and loud."

"Which is why you should want one too."

"We aren't getting a dog."

"It's Kanya's choice, if she wants a dog she can have a dog."

"Yeah my choice." Kanya giggled. Izaya scooped her up in his arms, causing her to laugh. 

"Well then, let me give you some advice. You want a pet, that doesn't make to much of a mess, because you know who has to clean up the house if you're pet makes a mess."

Kanya looked at him, "You." She said with a serious expression, causing [Name] to smile.

"That's Mommy's smart little girl."

"You're both hilarious." Izaya stated. "But no, since it's your pet, you'll have to be responsible, if you want to keep it."

"I am responsible, I clean my room when you and Mommy tell me too, and I always brush my teeth before bed and when I wake up."

"You sure do." Izaya smiled.

"He's right, though Kanya, a pet is a big responsibility are you sure you're ready for that."

Kanya nodded, "I am, because I'm a big girl, with big responsibility."


Once they made it to the pet store, Kanya was immediately wowed by the variety of pets they had. "Look a puppy!" She exclaimed running over to where the puppies where. "Look this one has spots." She smiled as a small dalmatian yipped happily at her. 

"That's cute." [Name] smiled, as she pet the puppy. 

"There are still lots of other animals, so let's keep looking." Izaya stated not wanting a dog.

"Okay Daddy." Kanya said, petting the puppy one more time before walking to the next animal. "Look a bird, and it's pretty." She exclaimed as she looked at a brightly colored parrot. 

"Rr Pretty bird, Pretty bird..." It chirped.

"Mommy it talked!" Kanya exclaimed in awe. "A talking bird Mommy look."

"It's a parrot, they can learn how to say what you say." She smiled.

"That's a neat trick, but if it flies to high I can't play with it. So not a parrot, something else." She stated, walking over to a wall of aquariums full of tropical fish. "So pretty..." She said as she stared at the fish, her [e/c] eyes full of amusement.

"You can't really play with a fish, they're more to look at." [Name] said, as she watched her daughter.

"And their eyes are just plain creepy." Izaya stated.

"Okay~" Kanya said, as she looked around. "Look at those." She rushed over, to a hamster cage. "Look at this one run." She giggled, as she watched a hamster in the hamster wheel run.

"See that would be a good pet, it doesn't make a lot of noise, you can play with it, and it doesn't make a mess." Izaya stated.

"Really? Hm... I think I like it, but I want to keep looking."

"Alright, come on." [Name] said as she walked with Kanya, who was realizing picking out the perfect pet was harder than she thought. "How about a rabbit?"

"No..." Kanya stated, as she looked around. 

"Look at this Kanya-chan~" Izaya said pointing to a bunch of small turtles.

"No...Those pets don't do fun things. I want a pet that is fun." She stated as she walked further into the store. She looked around still not sure of what she wanted, as she was walking her eyes widened and she ran towards what she had seen. 

"Izaya, have you seen Kanya?" [Name] asked.

"She was still looking at animals."

"Then why are you sitting here instead of walking with her."

"Because I was waiting for you." He smirked.

"And why is that?"

"Because I found the perfect pet for Kanya, and I wanted you to see it first." He said holding up his hand, a large spider was on his palm.

"I...Izaya~ Get that away from me right now." She said backing away from him.

"Relax it's harmless, unless you make any sudden movement, then it might bite you and inject a neurotoxin into your system, but besides that it's harmless." He stated as he walked closer to her.

"Izaya, i'm warning you."

"What's wrong [Name]-chan~ here let me give you a hug, since you don't seem to be feeling well." He smirked.

"Stop..." She shrieked when he threw the spider on her. "Izaya you jerk!" she yelled, when she realized it was a toy. 

"You fell for it~" he laughed.

"Grow up." Se glared, before walking off to find Kanya.

"... And I'll buy you lots of toys, and you can sleep in my bed if you want." Kanya said from where she was sitting on the floor, looking at something.

"Kanya, what are you doing?"

"Hm... Mommy I found the perfect pet, see." She said holding a small black kitten in her arms. "The lady who works here said it's a boy, and look Mommy he's really fluffy." She smiled hugging the kitten close, as it purred happily.

"Is that the one you want?" [Name] smiled, knowing she was going to say yes. "Well let's show your dad, and find some things for the little guy and we can take him home."

"Thank you Mommy, you're the best!" Kanya giggled, before going to Izaya. "Look Daddy, this is the pet I want." She said holding out the kitten.

"A cat? If that's what you want you can have it." He stated, earning a hug from the small child.

"Thank you Daddy, you're the greatest Daddy in the whole world."

"I know~"

"Come on we have to find, some things for him to play with, and some food."

"Alright, Kanya-chan~"


When they got back home, Kanya wasted no time in giving the kitten a tour, as she carried it in her small arms.

"What are you going to name him, so I can put it on his collar?" [Name] asked, smiling.

"Hm... I like Sushi."


"Can I go play with him in my room?"

"Sure you can."

Kanya ran upstairs, happy to play with her new pet. "She really likes that cat." Izaya stated, sitting at his desk, "And I can't complain they don't make a lot of noise, or to much of a mess."

"And you can't deny that, he's adorable." [Name] stated as she put away the cat food, and put it's toys where Kanya could find them. "And Sushi, for a name~ to cute."

"Speaking of sushi, you know what would be a great way of celebrating how happy our little Kanya-chan is?"

"Let me guess, you want me to make sushi, just because she named the cat that."

"You read my mind, [Name]-chan~"

"Alright, but you have to clean the litter box when Sushi goes to the bathroom." She smirked.
Here's the next chapter sorry for the delay.
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"Oh this? No, it's harmless. I mean, besides the fact it can poison you... but otherwise completely harmless."

Izaya...! I love this so much, and sometimes I really feel for Izaya... and then he does something like this and I just want to smother him with a pillow. -_-"

And the whole 'cats don't make a mess' thing? Utter myth. I think it's all done by their PR reps. Anyone who owns a cat knows exactly how much trouble\mischief\mess they can cause when they put their furry little minds to it...
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